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Hey everyone! I am receiving multiple offers and with the current glitches I am unable to leave comments and PMing everyone takes way to much time. So check this thread if you send me an offer and I'll have comments and things for you here. I don't want people to think I'm rude by canceling or something like that.

If I send the offer back with a higher valued card, it is likely cause I didn't see anything even but by all means even it up. I'm not asking for more for my cards.

If I cancel its cause it sat 2-3 days or cause I didn't see anything. Not cause I'm a jerk who doesn't comment when I cancel.

If its just sitting on my side it cause I wanna pull the cards before accepting but we likely have a deal. I'll post responses to everyone in a few.
Mdavison I'll be checking you shortly.

Kelbysdaddy I didn't see anything that wasn't higher and we discussed that so I cancelled. Thanks for the look.

Christiem we have a deal. I wanna pull that Thomas before accepting officially. Thanks!

Go ropes, offer accepted. Thanks! Those will ship in the morning.
Franciscomarina I sent you a PM

Mrharper it sat like 3 days and I wasn't overly excited about the deal so I cancelled, thanks!
Eric387387 I countered but you will have to even it up. That was all I saw at the moment for the Trouts. Sorry! I do have another Trout Update I can add though.
Mdavison, sorry nothing that low at the moment
Good idea man Im gonna do my trades like this to I think
Smart idea! Thanks for letting me know.
(02-07-2013 03:23 PM)Christiem Wrote: [ -> ]Smart idea! Thanks for letting me know.

Yeah! I'll be in touch through PM tonight. Thanks
Christiem accepted
Sent you a patch card offer and a PM
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