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Full Version: Who collects GU?
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I'm getting ready to bring in some GU and was wondering who or what GU everyone here collected.

I mainly deal in autos so don't know who all collects GU.

Just post who you collect or what you collect.


I wanna make sure what I get in is stuff people will need.
Brett Lawrie, Justin Upton
I dabble, David Price, Chicago Cubs players, Brett Lawrie and any crazy looking patches.
I could probably use some stuff from what I pm'ed you from before.... Trying to get that project kick started by next week.
players in my sig. Also doing a gu pc for my daughter giving her 1 gu card of any team each month and one u of a red sox player every month till she turns 4 or 5 so she will have like 100ish cards when i give them to her all gu
I could use any Randy Johnson you might have.
I sent an open offer for lower end braves.
I collect all gu jeters. Otherwise, almost any yankees player either bat or jersey with pinstripe (not solid white or gray patches).
any griffey i dont have
T206 or Ginter old time HOF or griffey/Felix hernandez
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