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Over the past few weeks I've spent a lot of time reading up on minor leaguers trying to figure out who that next superstar is going to be. There are two guys that were in Single A last season that put up good numbers, and I'm thinking of buying a few of each of their cards and seeing if they take off in value. Said cards aren't going to break the bank atm, but here's to hoping that they at least double in value in the next couple of years.

Having said that, has anyone ever read up on a player and liked the stats he put up in the minors and decided to drop some cash on his cards? If so, what are your success stories (meaning the player turned into a star and you cashed in big) and your fails (meaning the player was a dud and your attempt at cashing in big didn't go as planned)??
attempted to send you a comment on your trade offer but something funny is going on with the site again. Any way if you can view the trade you can see what im intersted in. it doesnt stack up to the cards you want but take a look and send me a PM and we can go from there.
Joe Charboneau was my first and he was a one hit wonder.
Todd Van Popel Sad
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