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Went to the lcs trade night and the Classic was on the clearance rack and I was happy I got a box of the Contenders.

[Image: breaks2_zpsb022399a.jpeg]

Young #/50 Knowshon #/299 McCoy and McGaha #/499

Out of the Contenders I did not pull any #d base or inserts. I do like the die cuts they inserted this year though.

[Image: breaks_zpsbd860bb8.jpeg]

The two autos that made the box.

[Image: breaks1_zps58e50ea1.jpeg]
Holy moley you nailed that Contenders! Congrats!
I see the Luck is still holding for the state of Alaska! lol. Congrats on the great break, bud. That Seau is sweet too!
Very nice break!
Thats a triple Lindy box (quadruple actually) - 6 autos - no redemptions - and a Luck and HOFer auto - congrats!!
Probably best to stop with just that Contenders box. Don't see how it could get much better! Congrats!
gratz on the hits lucky
wow man, great box with those 2 autos in it!
wow nice stuff! Could probably use the rookies/legends out of classics. Working on that set. Shoot me a PM with what you pulled.
Thanks for the comments guys. Of course I can't wait to see what auto are the variations but more interested in seeing the print run on the Seau. Mooncricket pm sent.
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