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Full Version: FT: Prospect Cards
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For some reason, only motivated to scan/list three new cards tonight. Since I know it's a long-shot at vintage I'm after ('34 Goudey/'49 Bowman), I'll take a look at ORGs but would be more likely to trade for David Ortiz cards (preferably refractors since it's a PC that both my son and I are doing), Manny Machado, or Bryce Harper since he plays about 10 minutes away from me. With that said, I'll still look at ORGs so don't think I'm stuck on just those three players.

The red ice is #10/25 and the Pat Light is the refractor version that just arrived the other day after redeeming. I have to wonder if Bates can even shave yet.
[Image: 123_zps52f5c82b.jpg]

Some that were in a previous thread. The Cole redemption card is no longer available. I figured I'd redeem it and then wait to do something with it once the ACTUAL card is here. I'd hate to trade a redemption only to have it not be fulfilled by Topps for some reason. The Joseph is a refractor.
[Image: stuff_0002.jpg]
[Image: stuff_0001.jpg]
[Image: stuff.jpg]
Sent an offer over.
Pm me if you want the messages aren't working on the trade page.
Thanks Kevin
Cmb for taveras and tommy Joseph.
(02-06-2013 10:03 PM)minitracer Wrote: [ -> ]Sent an offer over.
Pm me if you want the messages aren't working on the trade page.
Thanks Kevin

Kevin-I shot back a counter-offer.
(02-06-2013 11:10 PM)mikecala98 Wrote: [ -> ]Cmb for taveras and tommy Joseph.

I'd be interested to know what you have in regards to David Ortiz, Manny Machado, or Bryce Harper.
PM sent with some Ortiz stuff I have. Feel free to add and subtract. I am also interested in the Cole but I didn't include it in the offer. I just threw the offer together cause you said you PC Ortiz.
Please check me for the Taveras. Thanks!
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