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Its not much but here it is: Enjoy!

[Image: img304_zpsfdfca905.jpg]
[Image: img305_zps5cb7e49a.jpg]
I think this guy has a bright future. I was thinking of picking up one of his cards myself
Yeah me too. I think Dalton will help him shine alot more too.
Love all the gold!! Smile

The dual with Dalton is sweet...really like those bookmarks.
Thanks! Hopefully I can get some more gold Big Grin Would love to get more bookmarks too!
love the little PC you got started. Not sure which I like best...the SPA 3 clr swatch the Booklet and of course the SPA gold bar.
Thank you sir! My favorite is the NT gold bar. Twas the 1st one I bought Big Grin
wow what a way to boost your posts there Doc haha j/k nice little pc
LOL Thank you sir!
Very nice cards. Do you need a Todd McShay Sweet Spot auto of him? I have seen that they are pretty hard to find. Let me know if you are interested.
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