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If you have a trade with me Im cancelling it. Nothing towards you but its due to all the probs in the trades. With errors and such. Hopefully it get fixed soon.


I cant even freaking cancel this is lame
yeah everything is pretty much at a stand still at this point
This is too weird. I can still do trades but for certain folks I can't leave comments
This is angering...especially for $30/month
The sad thing is they screw it up and then dont even try to compensate anybody. We are paying money for a service that they are not providing. If your cable tv goes out you make a phone call they credit your account. But you can still trade you just have to do it yourself just like the old days. You can still send messages thru pm or least I can.
Anybody know when the problem started for sure?
(02-07-2013 08:26 AM)pjpitbull Wrote: [ -> ]HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAAAAAAAAA

I cant even freaking cancel this is lame

yes you can, it says it doesnt, but just go refresh your trades, it's gone!
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