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Full Version: Thoughts on PSA/DNA?
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Just wondering what everyone's thoughts were on PSA/DNA authenticated autographs?

Had some decent luck on eBay sales recently and managed to come out ahead on some deals, even after all the fees. On top of that, I should be getting my tax return soon and was looking to add a few bigger pieces to my Packers PC, either big name guys who I can't get TTM like Aaron Rodgers or deceased players from the past like Reggie White, Don Hutson, etc.

Some of the guys I'm looking for don't have any card company certified autos, so I am looking at slabbed PSA/DNA ones and wanted to know what others felt about their reputation. I would imagine alot of the card company cut autos get authenticated through them anyway.

Thanks for any input!
i have a few items authenticated by them and i trust them 100%
Trust them 100% as well.
All the big companies are the same. PSA and JSA are my only sources I use though. Even they are going to let fakes through though. You cant stop fakes from being authenticated as real autos but those companies let fewer in than any others.
I'm getting some stuff done by JSA saturday .... they are doing an in store appearance at the LCS .
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