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Full Version: Wednesday mail
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Here we go!

For the Pink set, Magic set and Jordan PC:

[Image: img295_zps829bea3c.jpg]

For the Random PC:

[Image: img296_zpsdca715c2.jpg]

For the AJ PC:

[Image: img298_zpsd1aaaa33.jpg]

And for the Manning!

[Image: img297_zps8ccf6139.jpg]
Nice brane! I got some you have a need list?
Man some of those cards look familiar At least they went to a great guy.
Chad - Thanks. I do have a list and will bump it up for ya.

Dave - Thanks! That AJ is pretty in person!
sick mannings!!
Thank you sir!
Very Nice.... I think you need an AJ thread if you don't have one already Smile
Winner winner, Bowman Sterling dinner
Thanks! No AJ thread yet .. Think I only have like 7 or 8 cards lol

I knew you'd go for that one Jkidd lol
Love the Rice and LT!! Your Manning PC sure is swelling fast!
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