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I hope to get some packs after work today. I have already seen some trickle on ebay.
Andrew luck and Tannehill and a few others.
Waiting on mine to be shipped, got 7 boxes headed my way Smile
I'm planning on stopping by the LCS this evening as well. Probably will get a box but may pass if the price is too high (have figured out what will fit in my budget and actually like Topps Magic more so if I can only get a box of one, I will go with Topps Magic)
ill probably hit up my LCS this weekend.
I am. Looking for Drew Brees base and Nick Toon autoSmile If anyone gets any and willing to part, paypal is ready to go. I do want to get a box, but dont have any shops close, may go hit walmart to see if they have blasters.
Me!! Looks like Miles Burris has an auto in this set which I am super duper stoked about. So if anyone pulls one they want to sell or trade, let me know. PLEASE!! Smile
After seeing the pictures on the initial posted break posted the odds of my passing just went up since i am not a fan of the design and the on-card autos look especially poorly designed. The checklist isn't all that exciting to me either to be perfectly honest. It mainly looks like the same guys they have had all along with maybe one new Eagles player from the worst Eagles year since the pre-Andy Reid/Donovan McNabb dark ages.
Marino has a Golden Ticket. That sucks. LOL.
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