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Full Version: I was gonna...
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buy a box of prizm until i saw what it included..

- 2 Autographs
- 3 Prizms
- 1 Red Prizm
- 1 Rookie Dominators
- 1 Decade Dominators
- 1 Brilliance
- 2 Other Inserts

really? REALLY? and im sure you all know the price of a box. I think its so ridiculous that i can buy what i want for the price of ONE box.. it doesnt make sense. Lower the price or put MORE hits in a box! What happens to the boxes that DONT sell.. all those cards made for no reason? This really urks me the price of a box...
Anyone know what the reds are numbered out of???
Good luck. The price of the boxes are what the market has driven them up to, and if the boxes dont sell at the current price, those asking prices will come down. Not wasted cards, just simple economics.
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