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Full Version: 2013 needs and wants
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Greetings to all! I finally posted everything to the org from my box break. I was able to finish the base set with plently of leftovers. I have emeralds, golds and a few insert cards to trade for these sets i'm buliding:

72 minis, chasing the dreams.

Also i'm willing to trade away the eddie murray slugger card for either the strawberry slugger, the gooden cy young, or either the gary carter or doc gooden auto. Or if you have anything else that may strike my fancy.

All my wants are marked. Let me know!

- Rob
I'll do one bump. Got a few trades going so far. Good times! Would love for a gary carter or doc gooden auto as well. Let me know!
I have many 2013 in my org, made my set and listed all the hits and inserts to trade if you need any..
open offer sent..but this sites been acting up lately..
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