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With my LCS options around my house not having boxes of singles in baseball to pick through (You know if I was more of a hockey fan this hobby would be a lot easier Smile ) I get to the point of busting a blaster or packs and picking up very little I need to complete sets, or the really annoying not able to pick up the one or two cards needed from the mass produced era to complete a set because nobody keeps them handy. Just putting a few sets out there right now and hoping to get some singles help. Will update this thread as I hopefully trade for some cards and knock these off, and then replace these sets with others I'm close on. My ORG is full of inserts, refractors, and parallels from the past few years as now that I have been back in the hobby about a year, dabbled in everything, decided that my efforts are best put toward building base sets and collecting Tigers Mem/Auto/inserts and parallels. I am still going through my mess of a collection as I organize it and correlate it and have I would say about 2000 more inserts, jsy, and autos to add. I also have doubles of 2012 Archives, Heritage, Bowman, Bowman Prospects, and Bowman Chrome Prospects not in my ORG if somebody else is in the same boat Anyway that was long winded--here are some needs. Any and all help is greatly appreciated. Shoot me offers...PLEASE!

1992 Donruss---35, 465, 520, 534, 597

2012 Bowman Draft—4, 5, 7, 9, 13, 18, 21, 27, 30, 32, 39, 41, 45, 52, 55

2012 Topps Opening Day—27, 58, 151, 154, 163, 190, 200, 206

And I put this out there before but...

1988 O-Pee-Chee Baseball--17, 21, 27, 32, 39, 41, 61, 69, 78, 79, 90, 104, 124, 128, 140, 150, 159, 175, 181, 193, 199, 216, 237, 248, 252, 258, 264, 267, 286, 287, 310, 314, 327, 365, 368, 383, 386, 389, 394
Box Bottoms: C, F, G
Let me look @ 2012...have tons. Will get back to you sometime tommorrow or Monday. Pretty sure I can knock that out for you. Thanks..........
(02-02-2013 11:42 PM)Phillies_Joe Wrote: [ -> ]Let me look @ 2012...have tons. Will get back to you sometime tommorrow or Monday. Pretty sure I can knock that out for you. Thanks..........

check me for 2012.
I can check in a little bit. I should have most of the 2012 topps.
(02-03-2013 12:12 AM)shivelycore Wrote: [ -> ]check me for 2012.

Offer sent thanks! Philleyjoe and minitracer thanks also, hopefully you guys can hit the rest. Will update the needs as quickly as I can.
List updated...Thank you to Shivelycore for the trade
Thought I would have more from your sets but just 2010 Topps Chrome 114 and 142. I am not trading anymore but will throw these in if you need any cards from my sale threads

Feel free to check my threads via my profile
I have some 92 donruss and 2012 tops all marked for trade feel free to send a offer I should be able to locate them tomarrow
I'll check my 92 donruss, 12 Topps and Opening Day. I more than likely have a ton of your needs for those.
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