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Some of this is probably junk for some people. However, all is FT. I am only looking for Randy Johnson. Send open offers!

[Image: SCAN0007_zps628e9ac5.jpg]
Cecchini Refractor /500
Hall Refractor /500
Holaday Blue /199

[Image: SCAN0008_zpsb12e51e7.jpg]
Gould Gold /50

[Image: SCAN0009_zps2cd34701.jpg]

[Image: SCAN0010_zps62159b0b.jpg]

[Image: SCAN0011_zps2e74c19e.jpg]
Howard /50

And a few miscellaneous:

[Image: SCAN0012_zps0bc3784c.jpg]
Victorino Blue /150
DePaula Blue /150
Jordan Gold Signature
check me for the goldschmdit and the hanley please
Pls check me for the hall auto and the jordan. Thanks
Ras & Point: Didn't see anything I could use. Thanks.

Any other interest?
Goldschmidt now gone. Any other interest?
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