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We've been talking about this one for awhile, but between both of our moves it's been a bit in the making... Got my end first, here are the spoils! Thanks Mik, these are AWESOME!!

Needed this version of the Ricky...he signed in the correct place on this card. The others are signed right over his face! LOL

[Image: img792-2.jpg]

[Image: img793.jpg]

[Image: img790.jpg]
[Image: img795-1.jpg]

[Image: img788.jpg]

[Image: img794-1.jpg]

[Image: img791.jpg] a nd fan i love that book. Good trade!
Wow, very awesome cards. What's better than Run Ricky Run and 34's? That's right. Nothing. Big Grin
very very nice WTG Mik
Very cool additions!
Nice!! Way to go Mik, good job on the 34/'s!
Somebody has been on a number search too, I see.... Tongue
Very nice!
Very nice stuff there!
Thanks everyone! You know I love me some 34's. Big Grin

I know Mik pulled a couple of those and traded for some's nice to be cared for. Tongue
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