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Full Version: Mail Time!
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Got some goodies in Big Grin

Some Random stuff:

[Image: img172_zpsa7c12b24.jpg]

And the Mannings:

[Image: img173_zpsfe54574f.jpg]
[Image: img174_zps1c71d886.jpg]

Hello quad!
(02-02-2013 06:14 PM)ricky williams 34 Wrote: [ -> ]Hello quad!

if you cut it in half it would make one SAWEET dual Smile

sweet pickups bud, love the Hot Prospects Smile
Good Lord those are some really great cards you picked up. The Elite Inscriptions cards are really cool. The Marcus Allen auto/jersey card is awesome. Holy hell on the quad auto card!!! Monster addition that is.
Thanks guys! Im kinda with Pbean on this one about making it a dual LOL Maybe even a Triple since Vince played here in Texas lol
That's it. I'm leaving
[Image: prince-extra-loveable-2011.gif]
The Marcus Allen is sweet and the quad is ridiculous!!! In 2006 that card would be virtually priceless!!! However my personal fave is the Upper Deck on card jersey auto of Peyton!!! Just SICK!!!
LOL Jkidd - Nice!

Thanks Baker! And yeah in 2006 it would have been but think again in 2026 it will be back up there Big Grin LOL
Very nice
Yea i agree, nasty quad.. only if the "other" 2 panned out! lol
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