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Back in the day I bought a bunch of the 2001 series from press pass. Out of one of my sets I have a 2001 press pass premium card number 11 of Bobby Labonte I only ended up with one and it is the paralleled one. I called press pass and they told me why my card is the way it is. The way my card is , is blank on the back there is nothing and it is white. I have looked online for another misprint and have found nothing on all searches Press pass said the reason this happened is because the "plate" was not loaded onto the printing machine. I do not think that many of these got out normally they do not get past Q.A.? My question is does this make the value go up for the reason of it being such a massive misprint? I have tens of thousands of cards and I have never seen this before! Is there anyone whom may be able to help? Thank you.
Normally it does not increase the value if a card has a printing error. I would put it on ebay with a high buy it now or make an offer listing and see if anyone bites.
GL Kevin
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