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Looking to clear out most of my base and inserts. Anyone interested in driver lots or a lot of all my non JJ Rusty and Newman cards?
Pm me if you have any interest ,
looking to sell cheap.

Thanks Kevin
id be interested in you Hamlin stuff
I am gonna be busy the next few days but I will get back to you. Would you have interest in buying whatever I have as a lot?
yea if the price is right
Pm sent sorry for the delay.
Hamlin gone. $4 shipped per driver.
Dale SR?
(02-23-2013 12:50 AM)ben625 Wrote: [ -> ]Dale SR?
Sorry don't have much of him. I may have a few but not many ,not sure if you would want if it was only a couple cards.
Kenseth, bowyer?
Jeff Gordon? Got plenty of Newman and others if interested..
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