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So i figured why not put a few of my nicer cards and some Autos up FT and see what i can get for them. Mainly looking for baseball RCs, Autos and Patches. Send me open offers, im going to be home and bored all day so im willing to look through buckets
[Image: jc3_zps287aea3a.jpg]
[Image: 8_zpse37dc473.jpg]
[Image: 2012-12-21120154.jpg]
[Image: rice.jpg]
[Image: 9_zps9fe09377.jpg]
Certified red - 150/150
Certified Blue - 05/50
TTT - 22/27
[Image: 1_zpscf9ef1f1.jpg]

Everything is in my bucket marked FT, Lets see what you guys got! And please, if you really dont have anything i said i would be looking for dont ask me to check your bucket Smile
offer sent
do you have a price in mind for the griffin and Sanders? if so PM me
The RG3, Deion Sanders and Devon Still have all been traded
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