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Getting this item was a headache and I am still dealing with the mess the web site put me through. Breifly, somehow my bank number was entered where I should have put my credit card number. I don't remember doing it but it was done. I contacted them before they charged my bank card and gave them the correct credit card number. It pended for 5 days then it dropped off my online credit card statement. I sent 3 emails three days in a row after that because it had been a week on the first day of emailing which the item was supposed to had been paid for or you will lose it. After waiting nearly a week, I got an email stating that they were at the Pro Bowl and I would have to wait until after the Superbowl. Immediatly after that email from them, I got another email that said that they were able to process the payment. Anyway, they charge my bank account instead of the credit card, which ended going a few hundred in the whole. To shorten things up, I have to work with my bank to straighten that up, and now the jersey is pending on my credit card, I have it and there is more, but mann. Soooooooooo.......

Game Worn 11/11/12 at the Saints

[Image: DSCN4138_zps7470fa81.jpg]

[Image: DSCN4142_zps412dfe44.jpg]

[Image: DSCN4145_zps7d818caf.jpg]

Here is some game usage

[Image: DSCN4140_zpsa0e2bbf3.jpg]

[Image: DSCN4141_zpsefc1018b.jpg]

[Image: DSCN4143_zps5f81bc95.jpg]


[Image: DSCN4144_zpsf9955379.jpg]

[Image: Douglasatsaints3_zps21188d96.jpg]

[Image: Douglasatsaints5_zps060d388b.jpg]

[Image: Douglasatsaints1_zpsadf5a7fa.jpg]
dude thats killer, i want a gamer so bad
Awesome!!! Great add, I've always wanted a game-worn Ricky! Congrats on another amazing addition to the PC!
Hows it fit? lol congratulations on the awesome game worn jersey!!! Get that bad boy framed.
Just sick man. I need to get my hands on a suh gamer so bad
very nice
Awesome autographed game used jersey. That's a really big time addition to your collection. Sounds like you really had to work for it too.
Love the jersey! Just got into game used items a while back too & they really take your collection to the next level! Congrats on the sweet pickup!
thats awesome!! i wanna get a game used piece someday
Thats awesome, I'd love to own a game worn jersey of any Vikings player. Congrats!
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