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Full Version: 2013 Topps FT w/scans
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Here's some scans of the inserts I pulled on my 2013 Topps binge yesterday. All of them are up for trade. Also, I have essentially the entire base card set (minus SP cards, though I did pull an Eric Hosmer SP if anyone's interested) so lemme know what you need set builders! Yes I know, prices aren't listed yet. Yes I know, they aren't in my org yet. I can tell you all cards will be listed in there by the end of the night once I get home from work (which will be late). Just wanted to get the ball rolling and see who's interested!

1973 Minis
[Image: 6c86d79c-84fc-4a22-80c4-0682447251d3.jpg]

Chasing History Foil front
[Image: a059ad3a-8909-497c-a629-2541acfada76.jpg]
[Image: IMG_0840.jpg]

Chasing History regular front
[Image: 48bc5a73-38cd-4da4-91fa-63f810e874f9.jpg]
[Image: fd45dd0f-306f-42e5-bced-6779b9ea5fab.jpg]

Chasing The Dream
[Image: IMG_0846.jpg]

Cut To The Chase
[Image: 04e06e1b-3bb2-4624-bcbe-46197fc7bf89.jpg]

Calling Cards
[Image: 6c5ae5fc-7554-4e56-9ce9-69b103ef5019.jpg]

[Image: ec35eeea-a4c2-48d2-871a-2d4885abf3ba.jpg]

Bryce Harper red border, Lucas Luetge Camo, Golds
[Image: 5287489b-ee04-467f-89cc-a4fcaa6b741b.jpg]
Interested in the Jeter and all the Dodgers inserts.
Pulled em aside totally sports. The second they book, we'll work out the trade.
To the top for the night owls!
Your waiting for BV before trading? Interested in the Eric Hosmer SP
I'd be interested in the Trout, Killebrew, Weaver and Bundy.
pjpitbull: Yes, waiting for BV on them, but send me a trade with whatever you want then when pricing hits, I'll complete the trade.

jaredhuizenga: Same as above. The Trout is in a potential trade, but add it to your trade and if the other one falls through, you'll be next in line.

ALL: If you see something you like, please just send an offer. I will hang onto it until BV comes out, then I will respond to all offers promptly. Thanks!
id like a shot after jared on the bundy thanks
(02-02-2013 12:19 AM)daddys lil all star Wrote: [ -> ]id like a shot after jared on the bundy thanks

Shoot me an offer for it and I'll let you know when it books!
sent thanks
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