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I picked up a box of 2012 Absolute at the lcs, and while I didnt get any of the big was still a very nice box. Everything is FT/FS untill tonight. What I dont move will be auctioned off.

[Image: scan0003_zps01f63f48.jpg]
Terrance Ganaway RC Auto #/299

[Image: scan0004_zps9b66a41a.jpg]
Chris Johnson Premier Patches #10/10

[Image: scan0002_zps022e45cf.jpg]
Dwayne Bowe Spectrum Platinum Auto #/5

[Image: scan0001_zpsacdbd912.jpg]
Coby Fleener Laundry Tag Auto #1/1
Yup you killed it, nice 1/1!
Wow.......even though its fleener you did awesome..... What are you planning to do with the redemption?
Thanks fellas....Trade it or sell it cybertrenz
nice 1/1!!! One of the few times it doesn't matter to see Fleener on something lol.
Did you happen to nab any Miles Burris at all?
(02-01-2013 02:29 PM)supercool9483 Wrote: [ -> ]Thanks fellas....Trade it or sell it cybertrenz

What are you looking to trade it for? What kind of trade value are you putting on it?
Lmk what trade value ur putting on the fleener, thanks!
do you happen to pull any Evan Rodriguez (temple) Bears
VERY NICE!! LMK what you want for the Bowe and Ganaway please. PM would be best
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