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So...I'm not a huge fan of threads asking for prices, but I need a little help from some of my friends/vets of the hobby on this one. Back in 2000, I actually opened quite a few boxes of 2000 Topps Gold Label and was lucky enough to pull the biggest hit from the product: a redemption for an uncut sheet signed by now HOF RB Marshall Faulk!

There were only 40 produced and I'm in the process of finding out from Topps how many were actually redeemed. I've been hiding this little gem in storage for awhile and finally drug it out the other day to take some pictures. It's still in the original box sent from Topps and has only seen the light of day 3 times in these 13 years.

Give me some of your thoughts. Appreciate all comments and help!!

[Image: photo1.jpg]

[Image: photo2.jpg]

[Image: photo3.jpg]

[Image: photo4.jpg]
That's awesome......good luck.....Smile
Don't know but that is SAWEEEETTTT. in love...if you ever decide to move it i know a couple people lol
Sweet looking piece!

(01-31-2013 10:13 PM)Vols-1 Wrote: [ -> ]looks like $35

Wrong auto but same type of product.
dang! Whoever paid $35 got a great deal from my perspective!
Thanks everyone, it's a really nice piece. It would definitely not sell for $35 in front of an audience who could actually see it. That site is meaningless to me...but thanks for pointing it out. I'll be checking for more cheap things in the future! LOL

And yes, swjrp, I'm moving it. I don't need needs a new home where someone will show it off.
pm sent!
its worth whatever you would take for it.. cant really put a regular value on something like that.

amazing piece
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