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Full Version: Small Little Mailday
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Got these in today.

For the Random PC:

[Image: img146_zpse907c5d3.jpg]

For the Pink set:

[Image: img149_zpse26d16f6.jpg]

The Mannings:

[Image: img147_zpscebf9fa1.jpg]
[Image: img148_zps55258690.jpg]

Got the Captains Patch for Roosters set.

Got these in yesterday - Wasnt worth its own thread lol

[Image: img139.jpg]

That Patch is the Best looking Piece lol
The one from yesterday? Tongue LOL
Nice additions to the PC's. That Manning collection is going strong my friend.

I was comparing the sets that Mannings is in to Ward, and I'm amazed at how many "top teir" sets Ward was not included in. Lucky for me I guess but I would have loved to see what a Ward sp authentic or SPX Finite would look like.
Thank you sir! Yeah Im surprised of some of the sets he isnt in. He was a 3rd round pick and by todays standards he would have over 1300 autos lol
We need to have a serious discussion on what "small little mailday" actually means... Tongue

Awesome cards. Really like the look of the Contenders Jevon Kearse auto card.
Thanks! Love the Kearse too but I really should read the descriptions Sad It has surface damage and I couldnt tell on my phone Sad
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