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Hi, just got this in replacement of a Moustakas Red Ref /25. I was hanging on hoping for the Moustakas as I was afraid I would get a no-namer but think this is just as good. It is Ft for a Kemp or Kershaw. Also Kurt Warner or Steven Jackson if you have football.
[Image: scan_zpsd7622e94.jpg]
Nobody interested in this?
R u selling? If so how much?
I'm very interested in it, just not sure I have enough to grab it from ya. Go ahead and check though as I'd love to add this to my Giants auto PC. Thanks!
You did okay! Personally I'd rather have the Moose but I'm also a Royals fan.
Yeah I think Belt will have a break out year this year... or so I hope. Wish I had something to trade for it but then again I already have one. Wouldn't mind having another Smile
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