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Full Version: New Phins adds.
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Hey guys just a few things mainly from the last show i worked and some cheep ebay pickups.
1st a card i have been wanting for a long time.
1999 SPA John Avery RC #/2000 Doesnt sound like much but gets me closer to having all the Dolphins SPA rc's.
[Image: johnaveryspa1-30-13.jpg]

then a new tanny add
Prestige Gold. (trade)
[Image: tannehillgold1-30-13.jpg]

A new Gadsden Holo Gold #/199
[Image: gadsdenhologold1-30-13.jpg]

Few Tannehill jersey cards (both in trade)
[Image: tannehillRSjsy1-30-13.jpg]

Strata #/296
[Image: tannehilljsy1-30-13.jpg]

New Egnew #/99 (trade)
[Image: egnewbronzeautojsy1-30-13.jpg]

and lastly.
A Contenders Koa Misi Auto RC this is a SP and needed it for my Dolphins Contenders PC.
[Image: misicontenders1-30-13.jpg]

Thats it for now guys thanks for looking.
Nice additions mr gadsden Smile
Great looking stuff!
Nice pickups, though I think you should stick with only 1 Egnew auto and give the rest away lol
Thanks guys.

Solid. I just get what i get for my phins. I don't pay much for egnew so i dont mind getting them and when i can trade its even better.
I have some Fins cards on ebay right now. hemiram04eric. you can get em nice and cheap. check em out
Sweet pickups. Dig the Strata Egnew auto/jersey card.
Thanks much. I like the stratas alot.
Hey Gasden any idea what this is going to look like? I pulled it out of 2012 Triple Threads Football. I think it's a 1/1

[Image: photo1.jpg]

I also have a ton of Dolphins cards FS if you collect Lamar Miler or Ryan Tannehill -

This is available too if you have high end Andrew Luck or TY Hilton(sorry I had to see this blown up)

[Image: IMG_7691.jpg]
That is a killer tannehill. I have NO lucks or TY hiltons. Would love taht card but it seems you want a TON for it is it a 1/1?

The TTT redemption i assume is a full signed jersey from how it reads. No idea if its a 1/1 or not though.
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