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I just acquired a Nolan Ryan patch in a trade, it has yet to arrive, but I am open to trading it.

Shoot me a PM or trade offer if interested.

I look forward to hearing from you.
I'd be interested. Give me a look to see if I have anything you're looking for.
Bump it up!!!
Check me
do you have a pic of it?
Not yet... Just acquired it, should be in any day

(01-30-2013 08:47 PM)pyr0punk Wrote: [ -> ]do you have a pic of it?
Um what card? lol
No info just a patch of Ryan...sweet lol.............
It's a 2011 Commemorative Patch... I'm not really familiar with Patch cards just yet. I collected when I was a kid, and found all my old stuff when I moved into my house, so I got back into the hobby just very recently. So pardon me Mr Pitbull... If anyone was interested they can simply check my ORG, it's the only Nolan Ryan Patch Card there... And thank you also for the unnecessary "lol's", I am sure your reply didn't have a single person laughing out loud except maybe yourself. I promise I will try to post more info about patch cards I offer in future posts if you please promise to stop making abysmal efforts to be a comedian. Thanks.
Make sure you point out "commemorative patch" next time in your first post as you will typically get far more interest if people think its a GU patch. No need to get all defensive. Gl with the trades.

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