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Hello I am new here so forgive me if I am in the wrong section of the forum but I noticed that this card wasn't in the online registry, or at least I couldn't find it looking through the rest of the set. Normally I wouldn't care too much over one card but I was extra curious given the nature of it being an error card (It is a Patriots Patch). If anyone could give me an idea of how to request it to be added or how that works thanks, I'd love to add it to my Organize Collection.


can you show pics?
i imagine it looks like this:

but it isnt an error card. those patches were for the teams that they were projected to be drafted by (a really dumb idea, FWIW). see this link: every player is with the "wrong" patch, essentially

this is the set:

if you want it added, send pictures back and front to, with all details. give the first link i posted, and the last link as well
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