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Full Version: Mail day 1/29
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Got these from a trade, and then off the bay, and the LCS

[Image: Scan0048.jpg]

Robinson is off the bay, as well as Turbin /49
Tannehill and Rice are from the LCS

[Image: Scan0047.jpg]

Love this Jerry Rice /50 from the LCS (one of a few I've seen that are facemask)
Kaepernick is from a trade, and def my PC card for now. Hope he does good in the Super Bowl
Marcedes Lewis was from a trade a while ago, but love the patch
Jack Lambert is from the LCS and is for trade..

Only ones staying PC are the Turbin, Robinson, Jerry Rice, and Kapernick.
All others are for trade, and will be added to my org later if interested.
Very nice!!!
man awesome Lambert That Rice facemask is great I have a Darrell green one
Really like the look of the Crown Royale Robert Turbin card. You got a sweet looking patch on that one too. Very nice pickups.
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