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Full Version: 4 Jumbos.....NASTY
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[Image: 31AA0422-51A2-4ED2-8DE3-736861C6260D-217...8E04-1.jpg]

[Image: A5976027-6F0F-4A82-811D-A0758D5FE458-217...3AF9-1.jpg]

[Image: 7E779128-174F-4C58-B63E-045B3CF7DCB7-217...920516.jpg]

[Image: FDA1099E-8B87-4EB9-AFED-3F7FCA92ABE7-217...6CD4-1.jpg]

[Image: 8131144C-1291-408C-8145-69DEB2037E19-217...D4A6-1.jpg]

[Image: 5CF6DCEF-B433-4F37-85A2-BE1F7B45A270-217...C68A-1.jpg]

[Image: 72E4E546-964B-497A-B89B-3506FF17F73D-217...780811.jpg]

pulled a triple black /62 with Cabrera and two others and at least one variation....
Wow, you absolutely KILLED IT on the autos....
Youve got to have a MOUNTAIN of cards to sort through!

Great pulls, thanks for sharing.
Killer pulls man! I can't wait to get my boxes in that I bought in November on a presell.
Dang!! That's really nasty..
Sick stuff! Silver slugger relic looks cool
Awesome boxes. Congratulations.
I can only hope to do a quarter as well in my break!
Your title says it all.....NASTY!!!!
That Aaron is awesome! Always love his cards.
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