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I have lots of rookies, refractors, game used and autographs for trade. There are lots of pics. Hopefully you can see all the cards as I used my camera to take the pics. There is a huge variety of cards from the 80s, 90s and present. They all should be loaded in my ORG for trade, Nothing earth shattering here but some nice solid cards. If you see something you like please send offers. Thanks!
[Image: jan29011.jpg]
[Image: jan29012.jpg]
[Image: jan29013.jpg]
[Image: jan29014.jpg]
[Image: jan29015.jpg]
[Image: jan29016.jpg]
[Image: jan29017.jpg]
[Image: jan29018.jpg]
[Image: jan29019.jpg]
[Image: jan29020.jpg]
[Image: jan29021.jpg]
[Image: jan29022.jpg]
[Image: jan29023.jpg]
[Image: jan29024.jpg]
[Image: jan29025.jpg]
[Image: jan29026.jpg]
[Image: jan29027.jpg]
[Image: jan29028.jpg]
[Image: jan29029.jpg]
[Image: jan29030.jpg]
[Image: jan29031.jpg]
[Image: jan29032.jpg]
[Image: jan29033.jpg]
[Image: jan29034.jpg]
[Image: jan29035.jpg]
[Image: jan29036.jpg]
[Image: jan29037.jpg]
I will take sale offers as well if you are interested in buying.


open offer sent
open offer sent
check me for the hammy myers and bundy thanks
Are you looking for anything specific?
U can check me, I like the Matt Adams. I also need the Trout for my set. lmk Thanks Ethan
Sent an offer
Open offer sent. Let me know.
please check me for the trout platinum
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