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So I have been doing packs online for a couple of years. 800+ packs - 100% positive feedback... sounds great... Im EXHAUSTED. Keeping up with putting these lots together gets tiring.

I have about 1,000 cards that book between $2-$5 and I want to trade them but I am not looking to trade for $2-5 cards. I don't really focus on a team super collection or player. Most of you know, I have my HOFer Auto collection and my seemingly never ending, half finished GU or auto set chases.

I am trying to think of a way to move a lot of these cards, its not base junk, decent cards, decent sets, decent inserts, etc. Should I trade to trade up at 3:1, 4:1 on book value? I am even thinking to do something like 4:1 you pick what you send me as long as its 2011 or 2012 since I have busted much in the past 6mo/year with the new family addition.

Any advice is much appreciated. Just looking to condense the closet (used to be boxes haha) and make things a little more manageable.
um....*raises hand*
(01-29-2013 04:20 AM)jacobystealshome Wrote: [ -> ]um....*raises hand*

J - sorry bud, I didn't think you'd want as I have always sent you most of the $3 and up stuff and the big box for charity should be there tomorrow or Saturday. I think most of the stuff I am going to have left will be in the 2-2.50 range. If you want them, I'm happy to work a trade out with you.
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