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Looking for some base to complete this set.
If you have some FT let me know. Just a heads up, not looking tt GU or Autos for base.
Thanks Kevin
i have a giant load of extras thanks to poor correlation. LMK what you need and i can take a look
I think I have a decent amount FT if you want to take a look
Check me too I don't have a ton of but you're more than welcome to any of them.
Thanks for the replies.
I need 1,29,40,42,49,68,71,81,87,90,99,101,102,104,109,111,114,117,120,123,137,141,150,​151,153,156,160,162,164,165,177,182,187,188,196,199,203,210,220.
I will check org in a bit.
Thanks Again!
I have a bunch too and you have a bunch I need (purples) for me set. Check me. I also have more I don't have in my org yet.
Looks like I have 8 of those for you, offer sent.

Sent offer with 18 of the cards you need
I have a good amount check me
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