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Full Version: 1955 YOGI + MORE
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Willing to trade trade down for several smaller cards or 1 nice card around the $150 trade value.

[Image: 002_zpsa6c2febf.jpg]
[Image: 003_zps6b69aaeb.jpg]

[Image: BUBBA_zps083c3a37.jpg]

[Image: 005_zps6682d42d.jpg]
The Slaughter is not in the opg.

[Image: 001_zps37e44386.jpg]

[Image: 001.jpg]

[Image: 002-1.jpg]
The Angels #1 prospect
Interested in the Yogi...
Check me for yogi or pujols thanks
(01-29-2013 12:00 AM)mjanooz Wrote: [ -> ]Interested in the Yogi...

Offer sent
Interested in the bubba redemption
(01-29-2013 04:16 PM)yankees_pride Wrote: [ -> ]Interested in the bubba redemption

Sorry Bubba is already gone.
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