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Hey everyone, I recently started collecting again and opened several boxes. Here are the results, everything is FS/FT.

[Image: IMG_zps93524d00.jpg]

Richardson Triple 103/199
Richardson Single 191/296
RGIII Triple 51/199
RGIII Single 84/249
Adams Platinum 911/1058
Blackmon Single 126/199
Blackmon Jersey Auto 27/49

[Image: IMG_0001_zpsffbce3c3.jpg]

Jenkins 31/49
Osweiler 7/49
Sanu 411/499
Floyd 84/199
Allen 2/399
Wright 3/249
Namath 45/99
Pead 15/25

[Image: IMG_0002_zps8dedaa98.jpg]

Broyles 41/194
Jones 5/149
Hightower Gridiron Kings 91/99
Rainey 134/150
Hightower 145/999
Jeffery 196/199
Jones 887/999
Coples 635/999

[Image: IMG_0003_zps7cf9667a.jpg]

Pead 160/260
Spence 39/499
Criner 199/499
Robinson 303/499
Martin 209/499
Lindley 202/499

[Image: IMG_0004_zpsdf3ea42a.jpg]

Zeitler 267/499
Matthews 216/499
Foles Kings 237/299
Foles Auto Patch 181/299
Hardin 16/25

Also got Dontari Poe Topps Prime Copper Auto 53/99 not pictured.

I am new to the site so I hope these pictures posted right. And thanks to the member who gave me the heads up earlier about posting my cards in organize first!
Please check me for the Allen..
i like the osweiler patch
I'd be interested in your Bears autos, please check my org.
Very interested in the Blackmons, trent's, and RG3.
Interested in Trent Richardson strata
Would be interested in the Rivers redemption
Im interested in the Hightowers and Foles auto. PMs work best!
Interested in both Griffins. Thanks!
interested in the namath gridiron jersey, the coples R&S auto, and the rainey redemption
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