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Well...went to Target this morning hoping to see 2013 Topps...none...but I couldn't pass over buying all they had left of Bowman Platinum packs for $1.99 each. These will eventually all be in my org for trade...but right now Im at work so I haven't gotten them in their yet. Shoot me a PM if interested in buying or trading for any...

[Image: A2A20554-582B-452F-B078-BF470B88B19C-108...D4D763.jpg]
[Image: 8B330F26-4F9F-468D-B018-E1CA08329E8B-108...EECF6B.jpg]
[Image: 3EF95A8E-4C35-45BF-9F24-BA778673B3C1-108...CEB0BF.jpg]
[Image: 54F7C46B-011F-4894-8D38-174A13EBA518-108...28676E.jpg]
[Image: A5EA9A74-8241-41DA-8DAD-5CD5E1232C77-108...3D8EA2.jpg]
[Image: 01D9D35C-BEC8-47FF-86DF-B118990B5178-108...1A71F3.jpg]
Nice Jeter Ruby, and always nice to hit an auto from Retail.
Pls check me for the jeter red and the mason williams. Good hits, esp from a retail pack.
Not bad, especially for discounted retail!
Nice retail hits! PM sent.
Point401-I actually have the Jeter on ebay. If you want the link go ahead and PM me...
will have to check if walmart has these or 2013
Nice hits... Jeter Ruby should cover what you spent.

If you got any x-fractor or colored refractor prospects (other than purple) check me, I'm working on the sets.
Really nice. Let me know if you are willing to trade the prospects and top prospects cards.
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