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Full Version: RG3 Value Opinion.
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Just wondering others thoughts on possible value of these.
Obviously the OPG doesnt recognize the print runs inside the print runs.

I have this RG3 Inscription and its /8
[Image: robertgriffin_zpsd0e4768a.jpg]

There are 3 different versions at 8 each which=24 total then there's 26 red ink. I have 2 of the 3 different versions #ed outve 8.. any thoughts? Thanks
Well IMO I would say a fair value is 300-450 if you looking to trade. You have a decent one where you get the inscription and his auto.
eeehhhh like $20 but Ill give ya like $30 so you dont feel so bad selling such a horrible card ,,,J/k Great card I would agree with MIK
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