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I'm all over the place lately. These are some of the recent ones I have gotten in, although some had to go to even it all out :/

Some are available, just inquire Wink

[Image: 2008ExquisiteComboSignaturesJerryKramerA...17of35.jpg]

[Image: 2006PlayoffNationalTreasuresCantonClassi...14of15.jpg]

to go with:

[Image: 2006PlayoffNationalTreasuresCantonClassi...11of15.jpg]

[Image: 2006PlayoffNationalTreasuresTimelineMate...02of21.jpg][Image: 2006PlayoffNationalTreasuresBrandLogoEar...06of10.jpg]
[Image: 2006PlayoffNationalTreasuresMaterialSign...14of42.jpg][Image: 2002ToppsPristineAutographsBrettFavre.jpg]
[Image: 2009ExquisiteEndorsementsGoldJoeyPorter07of15.jpg]

[Image: 2003DonrussClassicsSignificantSignatures...9of150.jpg]

[Image: 2007LeafCertifiedFabricOfTheGameJimBrown21of25.jpg]
[Image: 2007LeafCertifiedFabricOfTheGameTeamLogo...06of25.jpg]

[Image: 1999FleerFocusFeelTheGameBrettFavre.jpg]
The joey porter is sweet
so the Riggins and the Sonny are in the not going anywhere catagory lol
Not only love the cards, but especially the sets, old Exquisite, NT, Certified, Classics, nice selection of cards
ty guys Smile Solid im picky with designs lol

rooster riggins prob staying for now but sonny would be fair game Wink
ha I dont have anything for that Sonny I wish lol I love the Riggins white boy Fro Great cards man Love seeing the stuff you get no slouch you have an eye for some great cards
What a haul! The Riggins Jersey prime auto card is Sweeeeet!
All over the place is right, but I love that dual...
That Deion Sanders is sick!! Is it Ft?
WOWZers saw a few I really really like!
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