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I have some paypal i'm looking to throw down for an auto of either Peyton Manning or Dan Marino.. Willing to go strictly paypal up to a certain point and then add some trade after (If we add trade I will trade in your favor along with the paypal). If you have something you're willing to let go of post it or PM me with the picture (price included please!)
I have these 2 (Donruss Preferred and Foundations) that I will offer for a limited time at the price I paid - $77.60 for the Donruss and $63 for the Foundations. They are dupes to my PC but I'm not sending them in to be graded until Monday so I'll offer them lol Or will trade for other Mannings.
Forgot the pics lol

[Image: Jan24523-1.jpg]
I tried to message you a few times but the site is messing up. I am interested in the foundations auto.. Please pm me your Paypal address
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