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It rained all day so the autos were scarce after practice but I got 2 and my son in law got 2 so cant complain especially as I couldnt make it so my wife, daughter and son in law got the autos for me Smile What a family
Hope to get more this weekend-I would like to get the other 3 Dolphin players on that mini and fill up the football with anyone willing to sign.

They also got Owen Daniels and Matthew Slater to sign their football

Julio Jones signed my football right after this pic
[Image: juliojonessigningmyfootball_zps8742b1c9.jpg]
[Image: DSCN1823_zpsb25cd290.jpg]
Richie Incognito signing my mini helmet
[Image: Incognitosigningmyminihelmet_zps124f0eef.jpg]
Very nice on the Julio! Wish he would sign his cards lol
sweet man! I want to go one of these days.. retirees are at the bottom of the space A list though Sad and I am too cheap to buy a ticket to there.. maybe I can trick my wife and tell her its a "vacation" on day lol
Pure awesomeness! Love the Julio!
Congratulations on scoring the autographs. Good luck getting a bunch more.
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