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So money is tough for me right now, so im looking to make 1 final trade for a little while. I am looking to make a $80+ BV trade, preferably at least $100 in BV a piece. Ive narrowed down my list of wants a lot as well, at this time i am only looking for Trout, Harper and Posey Rookies, Refractors, Au and GU and possibly other parallels, as well as HOF and Star Autos and GU. Please feel free to send me open offers, i wanna get this done soon.
[Image: 8_zpse37dc473.jpg]
[Image: 9_zps9fe09377.jpg]
[Image: martin_zpsdfc04ab3.jpg]
[Image: 10_zpsee943495.jpg]
[Image: 11_zpse4f65697.jpg]
[Image: 6_zps80925dc8.jpg]
[Image: 1_zpsc3763bef.jpg]
[Image: nick_zps0572e391.jpg]
[Image: nick2_zpsd38d55bb.jpg]
[Image: matt_zps43eb78c2.jpg]
[Image: tanne_zpsd06b4201.jpg]
[Image: martin_zps61eb26cf.jpg]
[Image: cut_zpsf31f6389.jpg]
[Image: kirk_zpscd9870de.jpg]
[Image: blackmon_zps09c47998.jpg]
[Image: dwilson_zps4ccf4865.jpg]
[Image: luck2_zps21d6fc7b.jpg]
[Image: 10_zpsbed4b710.jpg]
[Image: 11_zps11e944e4.jpg]
[Image: trade1_zpsd9a63ffa.jpg]
[Image: ai_zps19666962.jpg]
[Image: watt_zps648e2bac.jpg]
[Image: sp2_zpsb89441ea.jpg]
[Image: sp1_zpse2103fc1.jpg]
[Image: 2_zpsf792d3a6.jpg]
[Image: rice.jpg]

The Rice is the /50 version just so everyone knows and the Luck/Richardson/Fleener/Blackmon and Alshon Jeffery patch cards have both been traded. Lets gets some deals going!!!
Bump for 1 more big trade!
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