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So for christmas i got a membership to PSA from my parents and i was really excited. Came with a bag to hold my supplies, year subscription to Sports Marketing Report, 6 free card gradings (have to be submitted all at once) and then they have a bunch of grading/authenticating specials for members. Got my package from them on the 2nd that had all my stuff so i was really excited, filled out the grading slip ran to the post office and mailed it out first class to make sure it gets there quick. It is supposed to be a 7 day turnaround with your free grading certificate. That definietly didnt happen...package arrived there on the saturday the 5th, and i just checked my account on PSA and they finally just got my order scanned in to the system cards sat there for 19 days, unopened still in the box that i shipped them in. Now ive gotta wait a whole nother week for them to maybe get shipped back to me, plus the time it takes for them to get shipped back...I dont know if this is normal or not, but i definietly am already not a fan of it. I dont even wanna think about how long i will have to wait when i send cards in with the 10 day service from now on. Sorry about the rant, im just really frustrated because my cards should have been here about a week ago
That is normal man, I send them hundreds of cards. The free submissions get put behind the orders that were paid for. They recently expanded and added more graders to keep up with their recent activity. They are the best and the best takes time. I wouldnt worry about it because its worth the wait. The more you submit the faster you will get it back. If you start to make monthly submissions you will actually get stuff back early sometimes. I rarely have to wait to expected time. And you need to check their show schedule. If you send to them right after a big show its going to add some time due to the large amount of submissions they receive at the large shows.

Hope that helps
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