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ok.. so the 2 boxes final arrived.

The following is what i got.. i am happy to be honest!

Green prizms

- Iverson
- Rose
- Jeremy Tyler
- Andre Miller
- Malcolm Lee

Auto: Quincy Acy

Finalists: 2x Bird

USA: Durant, Kobe

Downtown: Wade, Pierce, Lebron

MVP: Hakeem, Lebron, Willis Reed

Others: 3x Lillard, 2x Irving and for my PC 3x Holiday Smile

What do you guys think?
Are you looking to trade the subsets? I'm looking for a few that you have.
let me know what you are looking for Smile
(01-24-2013 01:08 PM)Rabie1 Wrote: [ -> ]let me know what you are looking for Smile

These are the ones I need

USA: Durant, Kobe

Downtown: Lebron

MVP: Lebron, Willis Reed
Not bad
Open offer sent. Check my org and photobucket. If not in my org I will add it.
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