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Went to Fred Meyer tonight with my GF to do a little shopping, and since i quit my job im a pretty poor 24 year old so i havent really been able to buy any boxes in a few weeks (its been killing but they had these weird, $7.99 boxes that comes with 4 misc. packs plus 50 random cards so i figured why not give it a try. I wasnt expecting a whole lot, but i think i at least got my $8 worth lol. Here are the "better" cards that i pulled.
[Image: 15_zpsdb73f325.jpg]
The Reyes is the A&G back i believe
the Ty Cobb hologram one is probably my favorite
[Image: 16_zpse4eb46de.jpg]
[Image: 17_zps0bacb9a4.jpg]
and my only #d card. Nothing too special but at least its a decent pitcher.
The Barry Bonds was a nice surprise, another one to add to my PC Smile
Not bad. I have seen those packets at Meijer and often wondered what all was in them. Nice mix of different years and brands.
That Cobb would have made the purchase worth it for me. Not bad at all. On a side note, I don't think I have ever seen a pic of Munson without facial hair. Almost thought they had the wrong pic on the card!
Those are some weird packs, but can be pretty fun.
It was definietly fun to open. Only part that i didnt like too much is the "50 random cards" came in a little cardboard box thing and none of the cards are in too good of condition. The Cobb definietly made it worth while for me though. Thought it was funny though because the front says Limited Edition and the back says its a print run of 150,000...doesnt seem very limited edition to me lol
150,000?? Limited edition haha that's awesome. Nice break though for $8
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