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So I went into the LCS to get some supplies and there was a guy there was I think was fairly new to the hobby because he was asking about some values. He bought 1 box of bowman sterling and one box of crown. Out of sterling he pulled none other than a doug martin superfractor auto. Out the crown he pulled an andrew luck patch auto /149. I bought 3 boxes of crown from the same case the previous day and my best hit was a ronnie hillman patch auto /349. Yes, I said that right. That's how all of my box breaks go. I haven't pulled a top 3 rookie for like 3 years and I break about 20 boxes a year. Like 5 months ago when topps jumbo came out my LCS stacked all 8 jumbo's and I took 2 off the top. Got a brandon weeden auto. The next jumbo below me yielded an RGIII rookie premiere auto. Or when I bought 4 boxes of prime sigs and best auto was dont'a hightower /299. Another box out of the case got a weeden shield auto 1/1. It's just.not.fair. Sad
That's when I meet the guy in the parking lot and offer him $100 for em.. Ha!
(01-23-2013 09:36 PM)dhendrix1303 Wrote: [ -> ]That's when I meet the guy in the parking lot and offer him $100 for em.. Ha!

Or offer him your fist.
The cards gods will shine on you soon. Smile
I feel your pain on the big rooks this year and last. I think if you go into a store without any preconceived
thought your are much better off. For instance last year I went to my lcs and grabbed the last 4 packs of Topps Chrome 2010. My second pack in pulled a Superfractor of Tom Brady! By comparison this year I opened 2 box's of Topps Chrome and pulled only a base auto of Russell Wilson.
(01-23-2013 10:00 PM)mik253 Wrote: [ -> ]The cards gods will shine on you soon. Smile
I sure hope so Smile
(01-23-2013 10:58 PM)chasescardcave Wrote: [ -> ]I sure hope so Smile

I know the feeling. Heh I was in a case break of Crown tonight, mind you I've been on a near year cold streak. I had the Colts. Did not hit one single auto or game used in the whole case. Sat and watched a RGIII Patch auto #"d/99, 2 Russell Wilson Patch Auto redemptions, 1 Jerry Rice Shilloute auto patch, BO Jackson Panini Choice auto, Ryan Tannehille auto patch, Doug Martin auto patch redemption and a Rahib Ishmail auto patch redemption pulled. I got screwed.

Hope the Card God's smile upon you and I soon.
My fellow Packer fan I feel your pain. My only decent pulls of the year have been a 2012 Finest A.J. Green Jersey Auto #24/25 and a 2011 Timeless Treasures Walter Payton Prime Swatch #16/25. Other than that I haven't gotten anything special or worth much.
If everyone won the lottery, money would be pointless...sorry for your tough breaks....try to find joy in what you get and not what you didnt get or else busting is just lowend andrew luck and rgs if thats what you really want!
I use to have the same luck now I just buy singles 80% of the time and i am MUCH HAPPIER
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