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Looking for a 1:1 trade. Thanks![Image: 2012-09-26.jpg]
those black heritage chromes are sexy!
Edit: Bump
edit nvm.

Nice card though
(01-23-2013 07:39 PM)pjpitbull Wrote: [ -> ]edit nvm.

Nice card though
Can I assume that means you checked the price? LOL. OK, I'll take 25% off in trade for a nice Cardinals AU. Pulled this one myself, it is flawless.
Ya I was down for something until I seen it said refractor then seen the bv and I was like ummmm lol i see lol.

Ill see what I have
Bump. I'm looking for a nice Taveras or Kozma card as part of the deal, not necessarily AU. Thanks!
Bump. I really don't want this card, and value is slipping fast. Will trade for any package that includes a Kozma or Lou Brock AU at least $20
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