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So me and my dad buy and sell cards on eBay/Craigslist/Facebook (not here, im just here for collecting) and i live in a house with my gf and our other roommate where we share 1 computer that ive been doing all my work on. Only problem is that all my supplies and cards and everything has been cluttered all over the house and on the computer desk so i decided to turn a portion of my man cave in to an office so that i could keep my mess out of everyones way lol. Its not quite done yet (1 more shelf needed to put up my Frank Robinson signed ball) but im just about there Smile
thanks for looking!
[Image: 2013-01-23_135908_zps428c3e4e.jpg]
nice setup congrats on getting somewhat uncluttered.
Nice stuff! always a good idea to keep your stuff in a "Safe" area instead of all over the house !

heya! check this out .... you can build these shelves for around 10 bucks each Smile .... im putting up 3 more ... 2 above the top one that will go the entire room length and 1 below the bottom.
Very cheap and you can display alot of cards.... oh yeah the stands are like 5 for a buck

if your interested pm me i will give you a list from lowes to make the shelves.

[Image: 25EF8039-61C0-4CB8-8F71-396D7866D2E2-576...65B6B5.jpg]
looking good I wish I had some organizing skills I have way to much of a hoard and My pc stuff is all in Binders ...I have a lot of binders lol
GO EAGS!!!! Smile
Thanks everybody! Feels good to be semi organized. What you cant see is all my card boxes stacked up in the corner lol.
Phinzphan send me a list of the supplies, those shelves are way better! And where do you get the stands that cheap?!
Go Eags!!! FCS Champs next year!!!
(01-23-2013 05:56 PM)chargers2427 Wrote: [ -> ]GO EAGS!!!! Smile
Looking great man. Love the set up
(01-23-2013 06:14 PM)jfrench91 Wrote: [ -> ]Looking great man. Love the set up

Thanks! When I get it finalized and get my new additions for the rest of the mancave I will post some more pics
Great space!

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