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Full Version: VerY small milestone!
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(01-23-2013 06:06 AM)nineof Wrote: [ -> ]Wow, very impressive milestone. And almost 500 auto cards? That's just insane. Can't wait to see them.

Awesome 1/1 card and milestone! Congrats.
pm replied!!!Wink
Congrats on that small milestone!
(01-23-2013 06:49 PM)tigerkal1993 Wrote: [ -> ]Awesome 1/1 card and milestone! Congrats.

Thank you
(01-23-2013 08:45 PM)mik253 Wrote: [ -> ]Congrats on that small milestone!

That is insane man congrats!
(01-22-2013 10:53 PM)sevans1979 Wrote: [ -> ]Thats a sick card man, grats on the milestone

Actually only have 482 different autos and 114 duplicates. As soon as I get to 500.....I will post!
Congrats on triple digits!! I still have yet to hit double lol.
congrats! i have 30 1/1s myself and just purchased 2 more this week.. 100 is an amazing milestone. Cant wait to see them!
wow Thats insane 100 1/1's Congrats I think I Own 2 lol
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