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I've got one in the books for tonight and another in the works ... anyone else?

I don't have much in my org because when I put them all in originally I didn't bother marking them for trade, so I add FT as I go. Let me know what players and teams you're looking and what sets you're trying to finish and I'll what I've got and if we can get something going.

Looking for a couple of Platinum base to complete my set, as well as Max Kepler, Michael Cuddyer, Jered Weaver and Joe Benson cards. Also thinking about finishing up 2011 Platinum and Lineage sets.
Got any Randy Johnson FT?
Don't have too much Unit sitting around here, but what I have I added.
Do you have any Ryan Brauns available?
(01-23-2013 01:47 AM)aprirr Wrote: [ -> ]Do you have any Ryan Brauns available?

Just added some Brauns FT to my org.
Any Harper, trout, Strasburg, stanton or posey?
(01-23-2013 03:46 AM)Socrkd55 Wrote: [ -> ]Any Harper, trout, Strasburg, stanton or posey?

Added some Stras, Posey and Stanton. Don't have many Harpers or Trouts.
Brett Lawrie?
(01-23-2013 11:15 AM)Neifert Wrote: [ -> ]Brett Lawrie?

Should be added, I'll double-check to make sure I added everything.
Open offer sent.
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