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I stopped by to pick up a '12 Draft picks and asked the LCS owner if he had any older boxes that weren't displayed. He pointed to a shelf above the merch and there were about a dozen of older boxes from the 2000's just collecting dust. I saw 2 of the 2006 and almost freaked. Not only was it a good rookie year for MLB but I was also thinking about Kris Medlen parallels. I didn't get any but still didn't do bad.

[Image: 2006chrome001_zpsc4d934b5.jpg]

Iorg /500
Verlander /150
Feliz /25

Various parallels also added to Org that include Pujols, Maddux, and more. Thanks for looking.
Great find! The Gordon auto and Blue Verlander are very nice pulls - Congrats!
Nice pulls!
Great box. -I know of a good home for the Verlander if you're looking to trade.
Really interested in the Gordon if you're trading!
sweet Gordon auto!
Nice pulls. Especially the Verlander.
Probably my favorite year of Bowman. I busted a ton of that stuff when it came out. Nice pulls.
Nice break! Love 2006 Bowman products. I think you will need draft for Medlen though.
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